Thursday 4 October 2012

she said beauty box - october

I hate to start on a downer, so instead I'll just put it out there that it's my birthday in a few days, if I get any beauty related products would you like to see a birthday haul, or is that something you wouldn't be interested in? Now onto the review.
I'll just say right off the bat that I am not too pleased with this month's box. Four of the six samples are incredibly small, and I think that I definitely didn't get my money's worth. It probably doesn't work out in She Said Beauty's favour that I also received a Latest in Beauty Little Beauty Box in the mail today that contained four Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair sachets, a box of Japonesque Nail Touch Up things and a Sanctuary Spa mask, and I only paid £1.50 for it.

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque - This product sounds amazing, the card boasts all kinds of mumbo jumbo but the fact is that the amount the sample holds won't be enough to cover my whole face. I'm not going to buy a face product that costs a billion pounds based off one use.

B.liv Off With Those Heads - When I first saw this on the sneak peek on the She Said Beauty website, I got rather excited as I'm always on the lookout for blemish treatments, but again, the sample is too damn small! I'll try and use it very sparingly and see if I notice a difference.

Amy Childs Eau De Toilette - This came in one of those tiny vials that pretty much everyone hates to see in a beauty box, and it's not even got a spray on it, which result in me accidentally spilling the meagre contents everywhere. Not much of a loss, the fragrance is slightly spicy and pretty average, not something I'd be rushing out to buy in a hurry.

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme - So this is the third skincare item in the box (not a makeup item in sight this month) and there's two sachets of this. I really don't like being so negative, but come on now. Two. Sachets.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Travel Size Lotion - I'm pretty sure that this is being sold in Superdrug for less than a pound, but nevertheless it is a lovely product and I'll be saving it to pop into my suitcase next time I'm travelling.

MyVitamins Total Green Tea Extract - This is the bonus product, and although I don't usually take vitamins I'm willing to give this a go to see if they actually do anything.

I didn't really think this box was that good at all, hopefully next month's box will be amazing to make up for it!
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Aaaand what's in today's Graze box, I here you ask?


  1. Love graze but the cheesey bread is vile!!!

    Lovely blog! Would love if you could check mine out and maybe follow each other 

  2. I've seen quite a few negative reviews of the box this month. I subscribed over the summer and after 2 boxes I decided it wasn't for me and I cancelled.

    It's a shame but I guess that is half the risk with these boxes.

    Great review, nice to see honest thoughts :)

    Graze Boxes are yummy!

    Amy xx

    1. yeah, i suppose the risk is worth it though as some months have had amazing contents! at least she said beauty acknowledge the problem, people have been complaining all over facebook and twitter and she said beauty have replied to everyone on facebook, saying (something along the lines of) theyre sorry and next month's box will be better, which is more than i can say for some other beauty box companies *cough glossybox cough*

  3. nice post shame about the box!

  4. This months box looks like such a let down. I know its a sample sevice but atleast make the samples big enough to cover a full face.

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  6. I hate foil packets!!! they never have enough for more than one use. You cant see if you like something after only one use!
    I also have a blog and was wondering if you would follow me/give me tips? i love helpful critisism!

    I wish we could get graze box in the US!!!! im craving one!!!! im suuper jealous! <3