Friday 19 October 2012

notd | power clutch

I have another Essie polish to showcase today, and it goes by the name of Power Clutch. I got a bit carried away editing the first photo, but hey-ho - at least it looks pretty!
Power Clutch is a dark khaki shade that leans more neutral than green, it applied pretty smoothly and took two coats for full opacity. After three days it started getting a few minor chips, but I think part of the longevity is down to a new base coat I'm trying out (Essie Fill The Gap!) so all in all not a very long-lasting polish. I like to switch up my polish fairly frequently, so this isn't a problem for me but it's worth noting down if longevity is something you look for in a nail polish.
You can find Power Clutch here for £2 (yes, it's that FragranceDirect deal again).


  1. Are you sure that's real Essie nail varnish? My Essie nail varnishes that I got at Boots don't have that sticker on the bottom, they have stickers of the brush lid thingys instead ...

    1. i think that fragrance direct are selling the essie nail polishes with the old brush and formulation - so they probably changed the packaging as well as the actual polish and boots are selling the new packaging x

  2. I love essie nailpolish and I really like this one, very dark but still pretty for fall

  3. I've been sporting black nail polish for a while now - but I'm loving the khaki shade - thanks for the tip!

  4. I have nominated you for the liebster and versatile blogger award go to my blog to find out more...