Wednesday, 24 October 2012

guest post: vivo pearl eyeshadows review

Today's post comes from the amazing Lucy who blogs over at Lucy Abigail and today she's going to be sharing her thoughts on the Vivo Pearl Eyeshadow range!
Vivo for Tesco is a makeup brand that I quite frankly adore! My main blog ethos is affordable luxuries, and everyday things that make you smile. These eyeshadows from Vivo cost a small sum of £1.50 (crazy I know!) So being the makeup lover I am, I obviously bought two!A green shade called 'Golden Leaf' and a pinky/nude shade called 'Dusky Pink'.
Firstly the packaging. The case opens and locks securely which is a must as I'm always worried I will smash the eyeshadow pan. The packaging is fuss, no hassle and easy to view the colour!
The pigmentation of them is truly fab! You can see from the swatches just how pigmented they are and how beautiful the colours are.
 My favourite out of the two has to be the green. It is a very shimmery colour, that glistens stunningly when you catch it in the sunlight! It also has very subtle purple undertones to it...overall I just think It's a really nice colour that would look amazing on a green smoky eye.
Onto the pink. I bought this shade as it's such a beautiful, ballet like pink! I have been wearing this shade in a lot of places on my lid, playing about  with colours like this is such fun and you can create some really beautiful looks if you just play around with them. I also wore this colour on my cheeks once as a blush and it worked really nicely as it blends really well.
Overall I would really recommend Vivo's pearl eyeshadows. For the price, you may expect them to not be that great quality, but you would be ever so wrong in thinking so!
Lucy x
Thanks to Lucy for guest posting, I haven't tried anything from Vivo but I really am tempted to now, especially for the price! To read more from Lucy, head on over to her lovely blog.

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