Wednesday, 21 August 2013

sponsored post: top summer polish shades for your toes

We all have our beauty regime before we go on holiday. The hairdresser gets a phone call, the credit card gets a little more worn when it comes to shopping, there are moisturisers and nail files and buffers on every surface of the bathroom and then it comes to choosing which colour nail varnish you will be sporting for this year’s holiday. Although this may not be as important as remembering your passport, choosing a shade that is both summery and going to match all the outfits you just purchased can be a difficult decision. With this in mind, here are this summer’s hottest colours for your feet.
Orange. It is bright, vibrant and summery. It just isn't summer without seeing an orange nail varnish on fingers or toes and it is actually quite a flattering colour for all skin tones. If you have darker skin then neon orange can be used or if you have a paler complexion a bright, yet not glowing, is also a great colour. Although orange may not be the best choice for all outfits, it will be a great pop of colour on your toes.
Blue is a colour that can be used all year round but why not spice it up a little and rather than a royal or navy blue why not try electric. This will be sure to match most if not all outfits and has a great shocking effect especially on feet. For the best shade, look for a cobalt with a high shine finish. If you want to be even more daring why not try one with a chrome effect which is definitely unexpected and vibrant all at the same time.
Of course, no summer shades list is complete without a hot pink! This colour will add appeal to any sandal and is a great colour for summer. Again this shade will work with all skin types and for holiday going as bright as you can is definitely a must. For a slightly more subtle approach to a pink polish why not try shades that have coral hints.
If you don't want a varnish that is as punchy as a pink then you could just opt for coral. It is a great colour that looks great in sandals and in the sand. Of course coral is a great colour for the beach and even more so if your skin has an olive undertone. If you want to be a little bolder, there are shades of coral that have an orange tint which is great for holidays.
Pastel colours are also great for the summer, especially on toes. They are girly and very pretty without packing to much of a punch. Pastels are great with most outfits so there is no worry about changing your polish. There are some great pastel colours available but why not try a lavender shade for summer.
One of the favourite colours for summer is a nude shade. It is an elegant and clean colour which will complement anything you are wearing. The best shade to choose is one up from your skin tone although you do have to refresh this colour regularly as it can become flat.

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  2. Great post - I'm going on holiday soon so I totally agree deciding which nail colour to have is super important!! Right now I'm thinking pink xx.
    Love your blog btw ♥

  3. Loving the coral and the yellow a lot! Definitely going to give them a try :)

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