Wednesday, 28 August 2013

notd | aurora borealis

How fitting is the name of this polish? I'm not one for duochromes, but even I did a double take when I saw this little bottle of glory at the Miss Sporty stand. From afar, you would be forgiven for thinking the polish is a strange purple-toned silver shade, however close up the duochrome is more obvious, even more so in daylight. The colour flickers between turquoise, purple and green depending on which angle the light is hitting it, which gives an effect not dissimilar to a petrol spill. It certainly is eye-catching.
Sure, it doesn't have the most opaque formula ever, with it needing four coats to be vaguely wearable but at least the drying time isn't that bad. Besides, you can't expect the world from something with a £1.99 price tag.