Monday, 12 August 2013

life in colour #4

soho | neon underground | piccadilly by night
top hat | merrily we roll along | rock of ages
traffic | big ben | embankment

regent's park
 coca cola | primrose hill | patches of blue
daisies | sunrays | editing

almost ripe | the view from the sofa | 3 for £8
waverley | fishing village | gulls and sea spray
the wake we leave behind | looking down | lobster pots
table number eight | non-landing

Guess who went to London again.

Saw three musicals in three days too, that's a new record. It was incredibly hot and humid during the day, which resulted in us choosing the restaurants we went into based on whether or not they had air conditioning (we ended up in Wagamama's, so it wasn't all bad). Walking around the centre was certainly an "experience" - I've been to London in the middle of July before, but it never was quite as busy as this and it sure made it difficult to get anywhere (so many PEOPLE), even just stopping to take the obligatory tourist shot of Big Ben was tricky. But little things like the overflow of tourists are completely overshadowed by just how brilliant the city is.
I went for a cruise on the Waverley, which did drag on a bit to be honest - five hours on a boat packed with tourists did get a little tedious towards the end of the trip. There was a stop off in Brodick on the Isle of Arran, which was a far smaller place than I anticipated - two hours was more than enough to explore the place and have lunch (can all chips be served like that please?).


  1. I always try and avoid central London around this time, the crowds get too much for me! The boat trip looks lovely though, especially that lunch.


  2. I just love London, and I should really go there more often for living an hour's train ride away! You took some gorgeous photos, great post :) x

  3. Amazing photos! Looks like you've been having a fab time lately, I love London. I go quite often as I only live an hour away but it never gets boring! xx