Friday, 7 June 2013

i'm lusting after...

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These wishlist posts are becoming far more frequent than I expected -  I just have my eye on so many things! Is that bad?

1. After trying countless eye creams and not a single one doing anything for me (including the ever popular Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream), I'm a bit fed up and want to splurge on something that works. I've read so many good reviews on the Origins GinZing Eye Cream and I trust Origins, so this seems like an obvious choice. The Boots website is also offering a free 30ml Drink Up Overnight Mask with two Origins purchases, and I've just run out of my Super Spot Remover...hmm..

2. A tiny sample of the B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads Pro Sebum Gel was in a beauty box way back when, and I've just started using it. It's amazing, I've noticed a considerable difference on the blackheads on my nose even though it doesn't work very well for regular blemishes, but we'll always have the Origins Super Spot Remover for that. The full size is three times the price of the Origins Super Spot Remover, but also three times the size.

3. I have never cared about which bag I used for my makeup while travelling, I don't lug anything around with me on a daily basis except for lip balm and hand cream so it's never really crossed my mind to use anything other than the makeup bags that come with gifts with purchases, as I'm only ever going to use it when I'm staying somewhere overnight. However, I simply cannot resist how pretty the Ted Baker LEDA Wash Bag is, and the thought of it sitting on my dressing table is almost enough to make me click "Checkout" immediately. It looks pretty roomy and is so gorgeous in the Powder Blue colour too!

4. It's high time that I invest in a specific contouring shade, as most bronzers look just a bit too orange on my skin tone for my liking. The Taupe blush shade by NYX has been mentioned by a few different people that deem it perfect for contouring, and it's so damn cheap compared to any NARS alternative that I'm going to run out of excuses to not buy it soon.

5. Well, what's one of my wishlists without a lipstick, eh? I've had my eye on the Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Etole for a while, ever since I've heard that it's comparable to MAC's Brick-O-La (my all-time favourite lipstick, review here) but with slightly more of a raspberry red to it and more muted, and if course it's Chanel. I don't like being a brand snob, and I promise I'm not (most of the time) but you understand, right? Right?
I've a fear that I'll never end up owning this lipstick since I know that if I find myself at a Chanel counter I will end up going for a bright pink, as much as I'll try and restrain myself. It's in my blood.

6. Never have I ever used an eyebrow powder. I guess there are a good few inexpensive brow kits out there, but my brows are such an odd colour that I want to get matched to a specific shade - the problem is, I don't visit MAC counters very often! I've shown Omega as it's the shade that many people use for their brows, but if I get matched to a different colour then so be it. And I can just use the product as an eyeshadow if end up hating the way it looks on my brows. See? I've thought this through.

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  1. oouu chanel lipstick... i lust over everything chanel :P

  2. I've heard people say the blush is good for contouring too, I think MeganIsobel and EssieButton on youtube use it x

  3. I wandered through Ted Baker last night and there were so many lovely things! I'll definitely have to splurge on some stuff before I move. Nominated :)

    1. the site is amazing, isn't it? such lovely dresses..but so expensive - and thank youuu! x

  4. I also want to try the NYX blush and the Chanel lipstick looks gorgeous *drools* :)

  5. Numbers 2 and 3 for me xx

  6. That Ted Baker Wash Bag is so perfect and adorable! I've never tried a Chanel lipstick before... so tempting!
    Also, I tagged you for the Would You Rather Tag: Makeup Edition! And also nominated you for the 2013 Posh Fashion Awards. I'm definitely rooting for you! Good luck! :D

    Cathi |

    1. will definitely be doing the tag, it looks like so much fun - thanks for tagging me and the nomination! :D x

  7. Oh Chanel.... I searched up and down all the Chanel counters I know for a classical red lipstick but every single one went pink on me. I ended up buying a Burberry one which is just perfect but still - I want a classical red by Chanel.
    I understand brand snobbing, I totally do. It's just this extra special kind of feeling when you take this lipstick out of your bag to apply it, it makes me smile everytime.

  8. Hello Natasha.
    I really enjoy your article and would also love to buy the Rouge Coco Chanel Lipstick.
    The Ted Baker make-up/wash-up bag is very practical. I have the nude version with a grey bow. I ordered it on ASOS and I love it!