Tuesday, 4 June 2013

alpha-h liquid gold

This is somewhat of a cult product here in the blogosphere, you need only type the name of the product into Google to be confronted with review after review singing praises to the glorious elixir that is Liquid Gold - and that sort of hype is difficult to ignore. I managed to secure a little sample of this through What's In My Handbag and needless to say it was love at first use, because as soon as I'd plucked up the courage to part with £30+ for one skincare product, the deed was done and the bottle was winging its way to me by mail.
Alpha-H Liquid Gold is essentially a concentrated chemical exfoliant, which breaks down dead skin cells using enzymes - much more gentle and effective than most mechanical exfoliants that require you to scrub your face raw in order to get the same results.
A couple of points about the bottle: when you take off the cap there is another flip-top lid inside, which I was relieved to see the first time I opened it as I was scared the liquid was going to go everywhere and that would be £30 down the drain. Also, the bottle isn't completely opaque and if you hold it up to the light or shine a torch through the bottle, you can see how much is left in there.
I use the Liquid Gold at night twice a week, applying it on a cotton pad like a toner. For a more intense treatment I skip moisturiser, which I was very wary of doing at first but after trying it once and not experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms my skin usually has when I forgo moisturiser (instead of my skin feeling very tight and dry, there was just a slight tingling sensation for the first few minutes after applying it), this is my preferred way of using the exfoliant.
The results are amazing. Whenever I apply this, I wake up with much smoother skin with any redness all but gone, smaller pores and less dry patches. If I have any blemishes, they'll be smaller and less red. I'm testing to see if it does anything about the little bumps under my eyes, I think they're called milia or something along those lines - obviously using a cotton bud to carefully dab the Liquid Gold under my eyes as I'm guessing that this would sting pretty badly if it did come in contact with my eye.
Overall, I love this stuff and I can see it working well for all skin types, save for those with extremely sensitive skin. In any case, I'd recommend trying to get your hands on a sample before committing to the full size as everyone's skin is different - but for me? It's become one of my holy grail products.

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  1. I've been planning on ordering this, as back when there was a huge hype surrounding it it didn't really tickle my fancy, as back then I had near-perfect skin (sob!) - not that I realised it at the time, oh to have normal skin again! Anyway, it's really started kicking off over the past few months and now it's blemish central, amongst other things, making this now much more up my street. Would you say it has minimised the number of blemishes you're actually getting, or not much difference there?
    Mel xx


    1. I'd definitely say it helped, as it really deep-cleanses my pores which results in less breakouts - but it's not the best treatment for active blemishes although it does help somewhat.

  2. I am loving the sound of this, have read so many reviews on Blogger over the last few weeks xx


  3. Lovely blog
    really love it


  4. I have been wondering about this for so long (like, what actually IS it??) so you've cleared up a few mysteries for me. I can see why it has been so hyped up! Xo

  5. Enzyme-based exfoliants really are on the run it seems. I actually haven't heard of this one yet (shame on me it seems) but I have one by Kanebo and Caudalie. Both are really good, though the Kanebo one's my personal holy grail. Yeah, it does cost thrice as much as the Caudalie one...
    Now I'm really curious to try this one, with actually no need of having another exfoliant, silly me, haha :D

    Oh, I just followed your blog, I really like it!


  6. I have been following you on twitter for some time now and just got around to checking your blog link tonight and love it! so happy I found your blog love your product reviews now following you :D xx


  7. its lovely to hear your opinion about liquid gold as my house mate recently bought it and i was dying to hear her opnion but she moved home for summer- gutted.
    im your new follower