Friday 21 June 2013

june birchbox

Colour Club Wanderlust Collection in Reign in Spain and Mod in Manhatten | ModelCo Eye Define Eye Pencil 
Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel | Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber | Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

Oh I do love Birchbox. It's the nicest thing, you know, after a long day returning to a surprise box of goodies to come home to. So they've had a little rebrand this month, and whilst I don't think much of a few of the aspects - the bag that houses this month's products isn't the prettiest (jeez I sound shallow) - the contents inside are what count and boy are they good!

The first thing I saw on opening the drawstring bag was the ModelCo black eyeliner, which I'll start using as soon as I've finished up my Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - I'm trying to get rid of it as it really doesn't work well for me and always smudges. On the other hand, the ModelCo pencil claims to be smudge-proof so we'll see how it fares. I'm also interested to see how well the face sunscreen will work, which may sound like an odd query but as I'm mildly allergic to most sunscreens I'm always on the hunt for one that doesn't break me out in a rash. Although weirdly any moisturisers or foundations with SPF seem to work fine, not sure what's up with that.
The Noble Island shower gel is going straight in my travel bag so I remember to take it with me next time I'm going to stay at a hotel. It smells divine, although there's no pump or anything and it's pretty hard to actually get the stuff out of the bottle. As for the leave-in conditioner, well that's going to be cast to one side for a while as I'm currently working my way through a huge big bottle of a different one.
Last but not least, we have the star of the show here - Color Club nail polish. I received two since there's a little mint box inside with a second Color Club nail varnish to give to a friend, but honestly I may just end up keeping both as the colours are so pretty! They're from the Birchbox-exclusive Wanderlust collection, and I have my eye on the other two colours too. Unfortunately the colours are only being sold as a set so I've taken to eBay and bought myself London Calling, which is the most gorgeous neon green shade I've ever set my eyes on.

If you fancy signing up to Birchbox you can do so here, what did you get in your box?


  1. Looks great! I'd love to sign up to a beauty box subscription but I don't think I could afford to!

    Mum of a Premature Baby

  2. Ooo Birchbox have really upped their game lately it seems, I have a GlossyBox subscription but I am tempted to sign up to BB aswell!

    Charlotte - xx

  3. thanks for your post, i think i will have to check out birchbox now :)

    leyla xx

  4. lovely items in the beauty box! love the sweet peachy nail colour <3

    Check out my new all-black outfit post on blog! :)

  5. I've never had a beauty box before. These ones look so good though xx

  6. I got London Calling and the same nude colour as you but my nails are desperate for Reign in Spain so I might have to have a little Ebay browse too!

    I'm so glad that you left me a comment and I've found your blog now, I love it!! xx