Tuesday 12 March 2013

mua undress your skin highlighter

I've never owned a powder highlighter before, mainly as there are very few less expensive alternatives to the likes of MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish out there and I'm not willing to fork out £20+ for a product I may not even like. However, my skin has been looking rather dull and in dire need of a little pick-me-up, so when I heard of MUA's newest release I hot-tailed it down to my nearest Superdrug and snatched the last one off the shelf. 
Starting off with the packaging, personally I do prefer MUA's old black design but honestly so long as it's not flimsy I'm not fussed - after all I did only pay £3 for it! The gorgeous embossed design is not to be sniffed at either, and to my eye is a copy reminiscent of MAC's Extra Dimension Skinfinishes.
MUA describe the highlighter as a "lightweight powder that transforms your complexion with luminescent shimmer" and although I wouldn't say that it "transformed my complexion" it certainly brought a healthy glow to my face when applied to the cheekbones. If I'm wearing a matte foundation I'll go for a more full-on approach, and I'll apply some of the highlighter to my cupid's bow and bridge of my nose.
 The colour itself is a mix between a champagne shade and an oyster pink, which may not suit warmer skin tones very well. When applied to the face the product is very sheer but can be built up, and the powder is finely milled so it blends nicely.

Overall I highly recommend this if you're looking for an inexpensive highlighter, but I'd like to see MUA come out with a golden-peach shade highlighter to cater to warmer toned skin.
The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter is available from the MUA website (currently on offer for £2) or from Superdrug for £3.


  1. this looks so lovely, pretty in the pan and a really nice finish on the skin too. It's way more pigmented than Mac Lightscapade, I need to try one!


  2. This looks lovely and so pigmented! Hannah xx


  3. Looks lovely, I personally prefer MUA's black packaging too, but for only £3, I can't complain! I bought MAC's Mineralised Skin Finish a few months ago, and the casing broken the first time I used it, so while I love the product, I can only use it at home which sucks :( Might treat myself to this for on the go!



  4. Wow! Lovely the pearliness of it


  5. This looks like the perfect highlight! Thanks for sharing!

    SarahSee. Beauty

  6. NEED to get my hands on this!

    Becca x

  7. Looks like a great highlighter-- love the colour!
    I'm such a sucker for expensive ones though... I have one by Estee Lauder, Hourglass, Clarins and (the cheapest) Lise Watier.
    Since I'm fair-skinned I prefer to stick to highlighters over dark bronzers/contour.
    Maybe I'll stalk ebay to look for this one ;)
    (MUA isn't available in Canada)


  8. what an awesome review thanks girll :)