Wednesday, 20 March 2013

lovely blogs #5

I'm finding that the #bbloggers chat on twitter is amazing for discovering new blogs, in this past month I have to have found at least ten more blogs to follow which I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Here's a few of my favourites, both old and new.
What first caught my eye about Isa's blog is the stunning outfit photos - just look at this. Her posts are entertaining and overall it makes for a lovely relaxing read. One to be enjoyed with a cup of tea (or whichever hot beverage tickles your pickle).
I've no idea why I haven't followed Lauren's blog sooner, it's just a great all-rounder with a mix of beauty and lifestyle posts and her reviews are very useful as they are so detailed and thorough. Each NOTD post (especially the glittery ones - like this one and this one) she does makes me run out and go buy the nail polish she's featured - not sure if that's a good thing or not though!
Katie's blog is a recent discovery and as well as her blog layout being beautifully simple and chic, it's full of informative reviews and high quality photos. Her recent post on the Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairycake has inspired me to dig my one out and start using it again!
*Images are not my own. Images belong to the bloggers that are linked.


  1. Omg blogging is such hard work to get known by others!

    new blogger some<3

  2. awh thank you so much for this lovely! :) I'm glad you like it! :) xxx

  3. I've only just seen this post whoops but thankyou! This is lovely :-) x