Saturday, 30 March 2013

march favourites

Another monthly favourites post... it's quite disconcerting how quickly the days seem to pass by. I'm not looking forward to April in the slightest, exam season is looming and I need to start preparing. If I stop posting on here for a while, call the lifeguard (preferably a pretty one please), I'm more than likely to have drowned in a sea of mind maps.
Pro editing skillz right there. (Yeah, skills with a z. I'm down with the kids.)
After never using or even owning a powder highlighter before, I was dubious about how well MUA's budget one would work. But there was no need to worry, the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter and I got on just fine with it delivering a lovely glow to my cheekbones. For a full review click here.

Unfortunately, this next product isn't available to buy - it's Company's Liquid & Pencil Eyeliner that came exclusively as a magazine freebie with Company magazine about a year ago and I've only just got round to trying it now.
The product is dual-ended and I'll be honest, the pencil half is awful. It's not pigmented, creamy or even black, it's more of a charcoal grey hence the reason why I haven't swatched it. But the liquid end is not to be sniffed at, in fact I think it may actually be the best liquid eyeliner I've ever tried. The swatch above was with one swipe and it took a good deal of scrubbing with soap and water to remove it, the same is true when applied on the eyelid as it just does. not. budge. The only downside is that the applicator is slightly too thick, but that problem is easily solved by applying the liner with a separate brush - I use the Sigma E10. I don't want to ever run out of this, it's amazing.

I've rediscovered an old favourite with the Skin79 Super+ BB Cream, I used this tiny tube religiously throughout the whole of last September then for some reason cast it to one side. There's only a tiny bit left in this sample size tube and I need to get round to ordering the full size soon as I think it'll be perfect if when summer arrives.

In a vain attempt to do some kind of snazzy eye makeup look - black mascara and too much eyeliner, that's me - I've started adding (I refuse to say a "pop of colour") a colourful eyeliner or eyeshadow to my lower lash line. My eyeliner of choice for this is the No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Purple which although it is purple, is a muted version of the colour so I don't feel too far out of my comfort zone. The blue shimmer isn't as prominent as it appears in the swatch either.
I feel that it's also worth mentioning that No7 have changed the formula of quite a few of their products since I bought this, so I cannot vouch for the formula or colour being the exact same.

I've just got back from doing that radio show which I mentioned it my last post - luckily I didn't make any major mistakes and I don't think it went too badly!

What are your favourites for this month?


  1. I'm debating doing this post, I just don't know where to start x

  2. I have the company liquid eyeliner! I really like it too :) I love the photo of you on the blog now,I had never realized you were so pretty!

    1. it's amazing isn't it, i wonder why it's not being sold on company's website? and thank you so much! x

  3. Haha love your editing skills! The Skin79 bb cream seems to be everyone's favourite. My mum actually bought one a while back and she doesn't even use it and stashed it away somewhere... Sometimes I think I should use it for her.

    dreamdustx | Urbay Decay Giveaway

    1. heehee thanks, and i'm sure she won't mind if you "borrow" the bb cream from her, it's so good! x

  4. I wonder if the BB cream is available here in the US? I always love using a good BB cream.


  5. i just found your blog on elle and blair's site and I love it! The skin79 BB cream is my favorite too!

  6. The purple liner is pretty, a nice twist on black. I am going to check out the highlighter when I am next in superdrug x

  7. That metallic eye pencil is such a gorge colour!!


  8. I really need to purchase the MUA highlighter as it just looks so pretty in the pan and I have heard so many good things about it now. Such as bargain as well.

    I've also been meaning to try a Skin79 BB Cream so I think I will track down a sample of it now like you have here!

    Great favs :)

    Fee x