Wednesday 2 January 2013

empties #1

I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating the new year, and to kick 2013 off to a good start I'm going to begin one of my new year's resolutions - to start doing Empties posts!
My resolution isn't exactly that, it's to start using up more of my products and get rid of all my half-used bottles of body lotion etc and to document my process I'll put everything that I found particularly good or bad in these posts to remind myself what to repurchase and what to steer clear of in future. As I won't be including basic essentials or "meh" products I doubt these posts will appear as frequently as every month, just whenever I've used up enough things that I want to talk about.
Dead Sea Premier Micro Facial Cleanser - I'm quite proud of sticking to this cleanser and using it up as the bottle is massive and lasted me a good few months. It had a creamy gel consistency (if that makes any sense) and removed my makeup rather well. I didn't find it very special and it didn't prevent blemishes, although it has no claims to I always prefer it when my cleanser improves my skin as well as getting rid of makeup.
Repurchase? No.

Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter in Lemon Zest - A product that was included in a beauty box - the little pot in the photo is actually full size which I find a bit ridiculous. Apart from that, I liked this body butter. It smelled nice but not artificial and was quite moisturising, however it did take a while to absorb into my skin.
Repurchase? Nope, it's too expensive for such a small amount.

No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Makeup Remover - This was a mini that was part of a free gift, and I am so glad that it's finally finished. It stung whenever it got in my eye and wasn't the best at removing mascara and due to it's oily consistency it was almost impossible to apply makeup again if I'd mucked it up and removed it with this. I can't find it on the Boots website so hopefully it's been discontinued.
Repurchase? Nope.
Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick - A few bloggers love this so when it was half price I picked it up - I didn't really like it, it smelled alcoholic and didn't match up to how my Origins Super Spot Remover performed. The packaging is also not the most hygienic as you dab the tube directly onto the blemish.
Repurchase? No.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - I've never tried this before although it's probably the most raved about cleanser there is, and I have to say I love it! It's not incredibly convenient and takes longer to use than most cleansers when at night all I want to do is go to sleep, but my skin definitely likes it.
Repurchase? Yup, I have another mini of this and some other cleansers to get through first though.

Comfort Zone Renight Recover Cream - This moisturiser was very rich but at the same time didn't feel as if it was hydrating my skin enough if I didn't use the same amount as I would for my day cream. It also was scented, which I'm not too keen on in my skincare.
Repurchase? No, the full size is far too expensive.
The Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel - If I'm being completely honest, I didn't notice any difference in my undereye area and all it delivered was a cooling sensation.
Repurchase? No.

Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter - Dirty Works is a brand that I'd never tried before, but it seemed like a cheaper version of Soap and Glory so when I saw that they were giving out free samples I was eager to try this body butter out. It was moisturising enough but I couldn't stand the smell, the scent was old lady-esque and worst of all it lingered on the skin to the point where I felt a bit nauseous.
Repurchase? No.

Layla D Honey Moisturiser - I included this in my September Favourites so you probably can guess what the verdict on this will be. It gave the perfect amount of moisture for my skin, and I'm quite sad that I've used it all up!
Repurchase? Yes.

What are your new years resolutions?


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  2. i still want to try the cleanse and polish, i hardly finished anything of this months except a few samples and face wipes!:)

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