Monday 17 December 2012

uk magazine freebies - december 2012

First off, if we're in the subject on magazines, I feel the need to chip in on how I feel about this month's Company magazine, a few articles of which caused rather a fiasco on Twitter.
Personally, I think that people overreacted to the article called "Do You Speak Blog?", as the article was written rather sarcastically and was poking fun at the stereotypes of beauty bloggers.
However, I can easily see how it caused offence, especially the letter D which is shown in the photo.
However I am really not too keen on the second feature - "" as the style of writing seems more matter-of-fact and as if the tips they give need to be followed to achieve a good blog. There aren't any specific guidelines on how to blog, nor should there be and although I do agree with some of the points (blurry photos and unreadable fonts aren't the best features of any blog) I don't see why the article had to be written in such an bitchy insensitive manner.
Rant over - onto the freebie!
 I only have one magazine freebie to share with you this month, and the magazine in question is Harper's Bazaar. You get a 50ml body butter by Bliss in either Lemon + Sage or Blood Orange + White Pepper, and owning the latter myself I have to say that it smells delicious and not at all artificial.
Harper's Bazaar retails for £4.20 (don't you think that is a little too expensive?!).


  1. That magazine is super pricey! I'd love the freebie, but I don't think it's worth £4.20 to me!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. I already have that body butter its so nice, might get a baby back up!:)

  3. I'd love the freebie
    i want to share this article to my forum at


  4. I saw this but passed because of the price. No way I'd spend that much on a mag, even if there is a freebie.

    I nominated you for an award on my blog =)

  5. I really like what you said here, the whole ethos behind blogging (in my view at least) is that its free form. The writer chooses what to cover, how to cover it and how often they want to post. It shouldn't be about what camera the person uses, just their writing style, their honesty and clarity :). Happy new year to you!

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