Saturday 8 December 2012

ebay purchases #5

Oh how I would love to say that the jewellery I'm about to share with you would make great stocking stuffers, really I would but my lazy arse has left it too late and with the Christmas post being as delayed as it is combined with the following trinkets being shipped from China no less, there is very little chance of it arriving before the 25th.
But the show post must go on, here's what I've salvaged from the depths of the 'bay.
This ring comes in the shape of a mouse, with it's head and tail wrapping around your finger (I seem to own quite a lot of animal-themed jewellery). I'm surprised at how much detail is on the mouse's adorable little face, considering the price.
You can find it here, also available in bronze.
I have cat ears, look at my cat ears. My amazing cat ears. Oh wow this has to be my favourite hairband ever. The ears are made up of little fake pearls on a golden band.
I'll be honest, they're a blatant rip-off of the headbands that ASOS and River Island are selling, but they're probably all made in the same factory and the big companies just overprice them.
The exact listing seems to have ended, but here's a very similar one, also with a silver option.
I'm not 100% sure what possessed me to buy this, this type of ring doesn't look like the most practical of jewellery but nonetheless somehow I own it.
The ring firmly sits just below your fingernail, and unless you have really long nails will be longer than your natural nail. I'm guessing that the part that wraps around your finger is supposed to be a snake, so there's another animal themed piece of jewellery for you!
On eBay here, also in bronze.
Whoever thought that skulls could be dainty? From a distance, the necklace looks pretty standard, but when you get closer you can see that on the chain there's lots of teeny-weeny gold skulls, which makes the piece very versatile - I've worn this with a leather jacket and denim shirt as well as a floaty dress and the necklace goes well with either.
The eBay listing is here.


  1. I love Ebay! I've purchased the same nail ring, only in bronze.

  2. oh my gosh, everything is SO cute! I love the skull bracelet and my favorite would have to be the cat ears head band.

  3. Love the hairband it's so cute ;)
    Great post Xx

  4. I went through and checked out all of your eBay posts because I also adore a good bargain. I actually just bought that mouse ring a couple of days ago, along with a handful of other things. It is way too cute for words-- glad to hear that it's as lovely in person!