Friday, 14 December 2012

lovely blogs #3

Apologies for this series being neglected for a while, I'd almost forgotten it! But, um,'s some good blogs.
Judy's Beauty Blog
Judy's blog is jam-packed with great reviews and swatches, but what really stand out to me are the photos, they're so crisp and clear and really let you get an idea of what the products are like.

The Dodo Bakes
This one is actually a baking blog, run by Chloe and oh I can't go on this blog too often or I start drooling. The recipes are really straightforward and easy to follow - just take this amazing halloween graveyard cake for example.

Amie's blog is just all-round lovely, she has fantastic photos and thorough reviews and I'm also incredibly jealous of the layout of her blog, it just oozes girliness with little touches like the ditsy print and borders on the photos.


  1. Aw thank you so much for featuring my blog :)! The baking blog looks amazing, makes me want to go and bake loads of cakes! xx

  2. Just subscribed to all of these blogs! The food one is total eye candy for someone with a sweet tooth like me. Ahhhh.

    I'm doing my one year on blogger giveaway if I get up to 50 followers! Please check it out if you're interested :)