Friday, 9 November 2012

storage solutions

I've always struggled with finding ways to store my makeup, there are very few products on the market made specifically for that purpose and they come with a hefty price tag attached to them. Today I'm going to be sharing how I store my makeup, skincare, jewellery and nail polish and hopefully it'll be of use to some of you if you're stuck for ways to keep all your bits and bobs organised.
Most of my jewellery is kept on top of my chest of drawers, while the rest is tucked away in a beauty box to prevent it from gathering dust. My necklaces used to hang from the dress figure you can see in the photo, but as there weren't nearly enough hooks to hang them from everything was always tangled and it looked really messy, so I decided to buy a necklace rack and use the dress figurine for chunky bracelets. Although I have to double up the necklaces on the rack, they don't get tangled at all as they're hanging straight down and I couldn't be more happy with the way they're displayed.
I ordered a two tiered bracelet holder from eBay, and I love the way it showcases all my favourite bracelets - I also bought some earring holders from eBay which display the majority of my earrings and make it really easy to find and pick out a certain pair.
The last thing I use to store my jewellery is a jewellery box from Muji. The drawer on top has a flip-top lid, and both drawers have sections you can interchange, each drawer has four big sections and nine small ones - perfect for storing my rings and other more delicate pieces of jewellery.
You can find the necklace rack here, similar dress figures here, bracelet holder here, a similar earring holder here and the Muji jewellery box here.
Both my perfumes and skincare products are stored in Glossyboxes while my nail polish is kept in (the now discontinued) Carmine boxes. I find that beauty boxes are a great way of organising things, I also use a She Said Beauty box for keeping sachet samples of beauty products together and not scattered all around the place.
Old Storage
New Storage

My main reason for making this post is that I recently reorganised my makeup collection, which mainly involved buying loads of stuff from Muji, as my old storage just wasn't cutting it any more - basically my drawers were overflowing with products, and as I couldn't see all of my makeup at a glance I ended up not using most of it.
I bought three of the Two Drawered Wide Acrylic Box from Muji, and the top one has a flip-top lid. This houses the majority of my makeup, but I keep false eyelashes to the right of the drawers, and I have a Small Acrylic Pen Stand for my eyeliners, and an Acrylic Desk Pot 3 Partitions for lip balms and lipglosses that come in squeezy tubes. I keep my palettes inbetween my brush set and two Round Pen Pots with lids, which I keep my cotton buds and cotton pads in.
The Muji website also has 5 drawer units, which are cheaper than buying three of the two drawered variety, but keep in mind that the height of each individual drawer is less in the 5 drawered version, so for taller products like foundation that wouldn't be ideal.

 If you'd like to see a more in-depth view of what's in my makeup drawers, leave me a comment!

You can find the Muji website here, and I'm also planning on buying this acrylic letter holder from eBay for storing my palettes in.
I hope this post was useful or at least interesting, if you've done a post on your makeup organisation leave a link in the comments below!


  1. Your storage system is so beautiful! I especially love the necklace rack - and the cursive "my necklaces" in the wire!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  2. great storage!:)

  3. I love your new storage, you can isntantly see how much easier it will be to find what you're looking for! I need to upgrade to some Muji storage, I have a similar draw unit to the one in your old storage photo. It just isn't working for me anymore. x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  4. wow! you have a great storage system!

  5. Love the way you organized the skincare products!

    Please check out my beauty blog, pretty please?

  6. WOW! So many things!!! :*

  7. Some fab ideas! Really need to get me some Muji I think xo