Tuesday, 6 November 2012

she said beauty box - november

After receiving last month's She Said Beauty box, I was rather apprehensive about parting with another £12 for November's box as I felt that the standard of She Said Beauty was slipping and I was thinking about cancelling my subscription. Luckily, this box has banished any of those thoughts - here's what was in it!
So...? Brit Body Fragrance - I remember using body sprays like this and Impulse from when I was around 12, but this one is nowhere near as sickly sweet as I imagined it to be (don't get me wrong, it's still sweeter than a pint of butter icing), actually I find the scent really quite pleasant after the alcohol-iness had faded away. A great alternative to carrying a big bottle of perfume in my handbag, maybe this'll make me start buying body sprays again, who knows?
The aerosol is a full size, contains 50ml and retails for £1.99.

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream - Weleda is a brand that I've had really good experiences with, their One Step Cleanser & Toner is currently on my wishlist after trying a sample from another beauty box so I'm rather excited to give this a go!
The full-sized product costs £14.95 and 30ml, making this 5ml sample worth £2.49.

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner - Sadly I won't be able to use the conditioner as it's aimed for dry/unruly hair and that is definitely not my hair type and I don't want to overwhelm my hair, but I'll try out the shampoo and see how it goes.
The full size shampoo contains 300ml for £11.85 and the full size conditioner contains 250ml for £13.40 - together these 10ml sachets are worth 92p.
Makebelieve Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer and Brush - This has to be the star of the show, I pounced on the packaging as soon as I opened the box and couldn't believe my eyes when I found myself gazing at a full-size bronzer - with a brush, mind. Speaking of the brush, it's really soft but I find it to be the wrong size and shape for contouring, and would be better suited to powder foundation or something along those lines. Apologies for not having a swatch of the bronzer but the lighting was playing tricks on my camera and would not take a decent photo of my hand - rest assured, it is fairly pigmented but having not tested it on my face yet I can't tell if it'll be too orange. Also, it smells a bit strange.
It's RRP is £15. Yeah. Wow.
Yardley Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette - I'm pretty sure I've had this in a beauty box before - it's an unoffending scent, described as a "fresh, green floral" and I couldn't put it better myself (mainly because I'm horrendous as describing perfume). Yardley is a fairly inexpensive brand, and this perfume is now on my huuuuuuge fragrance wishlist.
50ml retails for £9.99, and 125ml costs £14.95.
(This tiny 1ml vial isn't worth much - only a few pence - so I'm not including it in the total)

Murrays Manicure Matchbook Nail Files - I haven't got much to say about these, they're just some nail files that now reside in my handbag and I'm sure will be very useful. Ehh...yeah that's about it.
These are full size and cost £1.99.

The total worth of this box is about £22.39, so I definitely got my money's worth! I'm really excited to see what She Said Beauty have up their sleeves for the December Christmas Box, that month seems to be the best from what I can tell from last year.
You can find me on She Said Beauty here, and you can subscribe to She Said Beauty here.


  1. I was disappointed with last months too though after reading this I'm looking forward to receiving my Novembers. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. I haven't had mine yet but I'm actually not wowed or impressed really by the contents I've seen in people's boxes :( xo

  3. I really like your blog! You're so funny :) I found out about it through your comment on bubz blog. (in case you wanted to know)

    Go check out mine!