Tuesday, 9 June 2015

it's been a while - I'M MOVING!! (blogs, not houses. plz follow my new blog cause so far it's just been me talking to myself ok thnx)

Remember me? Somehow it's been far too many months since I last published anything on this little blog o' mine, which is an incredible length of time to boycott your favourite hobby. And I'd hate to hand you a pile of excuses, so I'll just move on and explain the title: I need to start afresh as my style has changed far too much to come back to this one, and yknow there's a chance that you might want to follow my new blog maybe? Cause it's been a bit sad and lonely over there and I miss youuuuuu 
So anyways here it is


Stupid title I know, it's a bit better than this one at least (I've never reviewed a single cuticle oil on here oops).

Hopefully I won't have forgotten how to focus my camera.

*v sorry if i post a few more reminders on this blog that i've moved, feel free to unfollow this one i won't mind
**also if you've ever wanted to see what my face looks like, there's a link to my instagram on tha blog & i'll make an about section at some point too

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