Thursday, 7 November 2013

life in colour #6

silhouettes | moorings | italian breakfast
seaside | pinecone | deck chair
railway | cagliari | bougainvillea
departures | life rings | washing
esplanade | sunny days | little octopus

flag | palm tree | alleyways

cobblestoned street | neptune's grotto | poser
new lotions and potions | handmade birthday card for a friend (stole the design idea from isa)

sleepy town | european goodies | back home

birthday cards and gifts
more birthday treats

Here's a few holiday photos from my ten day break in Sardinia. The temperature was perfect and the island itself is absolutely beautiful, much more lush and green than most of the Mediterranean and - bonus - the food is heavily influenced by Italian cuisine. Pretty much on every street there was at least one pizzeria and gelateria. I didn't want to leave.
I also had my birthday around a month ago, which was filled with cake and some lovely presents that I'm very grateful for - my parents got me a record player so I can finally play all of my dad's old vinyls and my friends fuelled my nail polish addiction (check out that OPI number) as well as gifting me a Sipsco tshirt and... er... this.

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