Friday, 3 May 2013


I've mentioned before that Weleda is one of my favourite skincare brands, but I've never done a proper review of their products mainly as I'm a complete newbie when it comes to reviewing skincare. But I might as well plunge in at the deep end, so here's my thoughts on all the Weleda products that I've been using regularly.

The One-Step Cleanser & Toner has to be the most gentle cleanser I've ever used and has been a lifesaver for my combination skin. Somehow it's made both my dry patches and my oily skin (you wouldn't think it was possible to have both, would you?) even out and my skin is much more "balanced", if that makes sense?
 It's not the best for removing makeup and as it contains citrus essential oils it stings when it gets in your eyes, so I've taken to using my Bioderma to remove all my eye makeup and the majority of my face makeup before using this and the pair work so well together. Although it's branded as both a cleanser and a toner, I still like to use a separate toner afterwards to make sure every scrap of makeup is gone.

My Purifying Lotion has almost run out, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that I've formed a proper opinion of it by now but I'm still undecided as to whether I like it or not. The lotion is very thin and runny, and markets itself as "intensive care for problem skin" which I'd have to disagree with. It's nowhere near as intensive as the likes of the Origins Super Spot Remover, and I doubt that it would help much in sending a big ol' nasty blemish crying for it's mummy.
However, the Purifying Lotion is great for preventing spots and for dealing with those tiny little bumps that just won't piss off, and it's far less drying on the skin than the heavy-duty spot treatments out there.

The Skin Food is probably the product that Weleda is most known for, and for a good reason. It's an all-purpose cream that works wonders on dry skin, but don't let the full tube in the photos fool you - lately it's been getting a lot of love from me. I've taken to slathering it on my elbows and lips before I go to sleep and always wake up to lovely soft skin! Skin Food definitely isn't the only cream of it's kind out there, but the all-natural aspect and the low price makes this a winner in my book.

Night cream is the sort of thing that I'm not fussed about, most of the time I just use my daily moisturiser but a few months ago my skin was starting to get very dry as the effects of winter started to set in. I had tried a sample of the Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream and loved it, but when it came to buying the full size I saw the word "hydrating" and pounced on the purple tube of Iris Hydrating Night Cream as I thought that was more suited to my skin type.
I do like it, but it leaves a greasy residue on the skin afterwards that takes a while to sink in. I'm guessing this is just from the almond oil but it does feel as if it's slightly clogging my pores. I think out of all the products this is the one I'm most likely not going to repurchase, and go for the Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream instead.

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  1. The almond oil is fab too.
    Great for removing eye make up, an extra boost under moisturiser and rubbed into nails/cuticles

  2. hmm.. I think I've never tried any Weleda product before, nice review :) xx

  3. I love skin food on really dry patches its brilliant

    Katie xo