Thursday, 16 May 2013

notd | dusty rose

Say hello to my new nail polish purchases, fresh outta Superdrug. Initially I was thinking of applying just the Collection 2000 shade (yes I am still refusing to call them Collection, and apparently the Superdrug website is too), but I get bored of wearing plain nail polish so quickly that in order for me to be able to keep any colour on my nails for more than two days, I have to jazz it up a little. And a little bit of ombre never hurt anyone.

I have *attempted* ombre nails before, but the process of getting the colour opaque enough took so long that I thought there must be a quicker way to do things. Sure enough, after a spot of Googling I decided on applying a white base coat (I used Nails Inc Floral Street - the best white nail polish I own) which enabled me to only have to sponge on two layers of the colours to get them looking nice and opaque.
The actual sponging application is easy, if not a little messy. I painted the nail polishes thickly onto a makeup sponge (these ones) - one colour on the top, one on the bottom. It's pretty important that when dabbing the sponge onto the nail that you move the sponge up and down a little so the colours merge, and I'd also recommend applying a top coat to even everything out and blend the colours together a bit more.
I've just realised that, and I hope you don't mind that I do this, I never talk about the actual colours of the polishes in my nail posts. Hopefully the photos do the talking for me.

While I'm here I might as well mention a few websites that I've been enjoying lately - PS Beauty is a website that finds you your perfect foundation from completing a profile, and on what you thought of foundations you've tried already. It's certainly put some extra products on my ever-growing wishlist! It's still in beta at the moment, and I've been told that some pretty amazing updates are coming including the site branching out into all areas of makeup instead of just foundation, so if you're interested definitely keep a lookout for that.
I've also joined another site called Amazine, which is a slightly different take on blogging websites - I'd say it's most akin to Tumblr but minus the fandoms. I love browsing the site as it's just so pretty, the gorgeous layout and photo-based articles make for a very lovely website that has an almost editorial look to it. You can find my profile here.


  1. This looks amazing!
    You did an amazing job <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. This looks great! You're so good at ombre nails :)


  3. Love this! The colours you've picked are so pretty, and the ombré effect is lovely! Xo

  4. This looks so pretty, the colours go so well together for the ombre effect!


  5. This is stunning! Good choices on the colours! :) xo