Monday, 6 May 2013

notd | bring on the neons

Well ain't this summer-y.
These may just be the first neon nail colours to grace my nails this year, and I have to say it feels good to take a break from darker nail polishes and switch to some brighter ones.
I used China Glaze's Papaya Punch for the orange base, which was rather streaky and took three coats to even the colour out. For the pink I used the easily dupable Nails Inc Shoreditch, which applied slightly better and was opaque in two thin coats.
I also tried experimenting with other orange and coral shades, on the left in the photo below is Nails Inc Brook St. and in the middle is Rimmel Apricot Punch. I ended up going with China Glaze Papaya Punch as the other two didn't contrast enough with the pink for my liking.
I've never really been one for neon nail polish and most of the time have stuck to pastel colours, but I feel that the highlighter pen look is beginning to grow on me and I'm looking to expand my neon polish collection.The Model's Own Ice Neon collection has been on my radar recently, the shade Pink Punch in particular looks stunning.

P.S I've finally made this 'ere blog more friendly to mobile users - so if you've tried to visit here before on your mobile and thought it was ridiculously awful, it's fixed now. Hopefully.
P.P.S Click here for some breathtaking photos.


  1. Ooh these are gorgeous! x

  2. Cannot wait to add some more neon colours to my collection. I am on a nail varnish self-ban at the moment though haha! These look great :)

    Becky xx

  3. These colours make an absolutely gorgeous combo! x

  4. Beautiful Summery look and so simple too! <3


  5. oooo thats such a fun and cute colour combination!!

  6. All of these shades are beautiful! Such summery combinations :)

  7. Oh my goshhhhhhh these neon nails are just beautiful! I love them :D xxx

    Gemma ♥ || Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. This color combination is gorgeous I love it :)