Friday 19 April 2013

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Orly Black Out, Nails Inc Floral Street
There's something very art deco about black and white nail art, I love the graphic, modern feel of it and it never fails to look eye-catching. However, I've always put off doing it myself, the main reason being that I've never found a white nail polish before that is opaque in less than a billion layers.
Well, I've found it. Nails Inc Floral Street is almost completely opaque in two thick coats, which having tried so many white polishes is pretty good going. Sure, there are a few streaks but when you're going to be covering half your nail in black, who's going to notice? Speaking of the black polish, I used Orly's Black Out. It's not the best, but the thin brush comes in handy when doing simple nail art although as you can see from my middle finger, it's not extremely accurate. Also, I do apologize for the bedsheet marks on my nails, I guess painting my nails before bed wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had.
I came up with the designs for my index and middle fingers off the top of my head, I copied the look I did in this nail of the day for my ring finger, and the nail art for my pinkie was nicked off Evelyn's post (who coincidentally used the same white base as me!).


  1. I love the nails inc polishes, can't wait to do my nails in fun patterns like this soon :)

    Becky xx

  2. Great design :) x

  3. I wish I could do nail art like that! I have the most unsteady hand ever haha. Loving the monochrome trend at the moment and your design is very fitting for this season! Perfect!
    Amy xx