Friday 20 April 2012

she said beauty box - april

There was a problem with my payment for this box, but the She Said Beauty customer service was really good and sorted it all out for me, so today a lovely pink box arrived at my doorstep! Sorry if you don't like beauty boxes, personally I like them and love reading blog posts on the subject, so better late than never!
 I know there's a large variety of companies running this sort of service in the UK - Glossybox is probably the most well-known, and the one that bought up Carmine (the best service in my opinion but I'm not resubbing to Glossybox as my February box from them was just awful). There's also Joliebox, which partnered with Boudoir Prive, Amarya which is mostly skincare, there used to be a Feel Unique box but that is sadly no more. Also there's lots of minor boxes, like Amitee and Beautylicious  and probably much more. A box that's just started up is Luxbox, but I'll have to see what their first box is like before I subscribe (or not). So definitely a variety to choose from!
This is She Said Beauty's second box and I received the first one as well, but I have to say this one trumps the March box!
On opening the mint green box (which isn't extremely well made but fine for reusing when you've given it a bit of the super glue treatment), two cards greet you. One is the standard card that has the product information, and it wishes you a "Happy Easter".  The other card tells you about all the benefits of one of the products, the BVM Face and Neck Polisher. It interested me that one of the ingredients is walnut shells!
Unlike other beauty boxes which has those little pieces of zig-zaggy of paper, She Said Beauty favours straw. Not exactly high-end, but I like that they're trying to be different, like the hipsters of the beauty box world!
The first item is a Comfort Zone kit that has an adorable handbag-esque handle (isn't Comfort Zone used in spas?) with six little samples - the card says "Get your body beach ready with Body Strategist Cellulite Remodeller which has a thermogenic action, D-Age Body Cream and  Fruity Peel Exfoliator. Once the hard work is done relax and indulge with Tranquillity Cream, Mediterranean Shower Gel, and Vital Leg Cream."
Each sample has 10ml of product in it, and the total value of this pack is approximately £12.31 (yes, I did all those calculations -.-). I'd prefer one bigger sample, but if there's a lot of tiny sachets I can write more reviews on the She Said Beauty website and get points towards a free box yay! There was a Comfort Zone product in last month's box and I still haven't got round to using it but I doubt I'll find any of the things in the kit worth spending up to £60 on the full size!
The pot on the left of the photos above is the BVM Face & Neck Polisher, the card says "This Face and Neck Polisher contains walnut shavings that gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, whilst helping to correct and skin imbalances." There's also a discount code, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it here. In any case, if you zoom in on the picture of the card you might be able to make it out. Full size is £22.50 for 125ml, so this 10ml sample is worth approximately £1.80. I've run out of my exfoliator, so this will hold me over till I get a new one. And I can probably reuse the cute little pot for something.

Next item: Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Champagne. This is a full size product that is £12.99 for 2.35g, so this alone more than pays for the entire box. I love that the colour is gorgeous, as well as actually wearable for everyday - another company (not naming names) sent me a black pigment. I already have one black that I quite like, why would I need another? Think it through. The card says "Using 100% pure Mica powder, these beautiful shimmer powders will provide long lasting, vibrant colour." Then another discount code. Review coming up soon as this looks lovely!

On the right is another full size, woop woop! This is the Mischa Barton Luscious Lips in Pink Pop, the card describes this "Luscious Lips by Mischa is a rich, hydrating lip protector with a hint of flattering colour. This luxurious gloss combination protects with SPF15 and hydrates with vitamins to make your lips extra kissable." With it costing £12 for 8g, I was expecting the packaging to look a bit more high-end, after all it's just a tinted lip balm with not much colour. I feel very "meh" about this, I will use it after I run out of my tinted Vaseline but I'm not expecting it to do a better job. We shall see.
Above is five tiny little 5ml samples of The Hollywood Collection by Erno Laszlo that were a bonus item, and when I found out how much this envelope is worth, I started treating it with great reverence. These tiny little sachets are altogether worth approximately £86.85. Yes, I know. My phone cost the same amount. The card tries to justify the price - "Featuring five NEW products based on custom formulations taken from the archive and updated with the latest skincare technology".
 I think that's all rubbish, a cream is a cream and isn't worth £175. What interested me was that each product is inspired by iconic women with great skin, the Instant Eye Repair is in homage to Ava Gardner, the Morning Beauty Rescue is tribute to Marylin Monroe, the Intensive Porcelain Veil was created with Katharine Hepburn in mind, the Refresh Moisture Infusion was inspired by Grace Kelly, and lastly the Velvet Night Cream was made thinking of Greta Garbo.
The only one I'm really intrigued by is the Instant Eye Repair, my dark circles are out of control and I'm hoping this might help!
And these are the final two things! Wow this has been a long post, hasn't it?
There's a little easter egg, which is now all eaten up and I can confirm it was delicious! I'm glad She Said Beauty actually got quality chocolate and not cheap stuff, Lindt is so creamy yum!

The nail polish is by Filthy Gorgous, I've seen this brand on a department store website, can't remember which one, but anyway the colour is Tu-Tu Much and is a bright pink. There were four colours to choose from, I was hoping to get the purple called Vampish, but I'm just glad I didn't get either of the reds! I'm not sure if all the nail polishes didn't come with the little plectrum charm, but ah well, it's just a gimmick, right? Full size product yet again, £9 for 10ml, and it's Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free. The card says "Combining rich cremes, delicate sheers and crystal 3D glitter pigments all worked into a longwearing, high shine, high pigment professional quaity nail polish formulation." So there you go.

I think She Said Beauty is easily the best beauty box by far now Carmine is no more! Everyone receives the same box, just with different coloured nail polishes, so it's not unfair, unlike if something expensive was in some boxes, and others had something worth two quid. This box came with three full size items, more samples than anyone could wish for, two extra bonus products (one of them is good quality chocolate - who wouldn't like that?) and the total value of the box is around £132.70! Also, while most boxes are £13 including postage She Said Beauty is £12 including postage, saving a pound :)

Here's the She Said Beauty website with my referral link (I get a free box if I refer two "friends", just so I'm being completely honest) -
And if you're against me getting anything free, here's the website free of any attachments or anything -

Are you subscribed to any monthly boxes? They don't have to be beauty!


  1. I was quite bummed when i found out that Carmine (which i was subscribed to) joined forces with Glossybox (which i had very little interest on, the products did not appeal to me whatsoever!). But given that this is the first month that they are making a box in collaboration, i have quite high expectations and am hoping for the best! *fingers crossed*
    The box you recieved looks great, those are all goodies which i would love to get! :)

    Great review <3


    1. hope you get great products - as soon as people recieve their boxes you can be sure i'll be scouring the internet to find every single review! X

  2. Loadsa great stuff this month :) My bottles from Filthy Gorgeous had charms and the lids were silver with black lace effect. Maybe they were from a certain collection or something. I love Bellapierre, wish the pigments were pressed though.

    1. ah maybe my nail polish was a leftover and i feel the same way about the pigment - i might resort to finding ways to press pigments on youtube! xx