Wednesday 15 August 2012

notd | kiko khaki

For the last day of MakeupSavvy's 15 Day Nail Challenge I thought I would try out a nail polish that I haven't used before - the polish in question being Kiko 394 which I hauled here.
The nail on my index finger is a bit bubbly because my top coat is near the end of it's life, I really need to get a new one instead of ruining every manicure I do with it!
Although you couldn't tell from the photo, the colour of the polish makes my skin look slightly red, but I don't think this'll be a problem come the autumn/winter when I'm super pale - and although I've never owned an olive greenish khaki colour I really like it and can see myself wearing it a lot. Oh, and it took two coats to make the nail polish opaque.

You can buy Kiko nail polishes here for £1.50 and when you register you can get get free delivery on orders over £25.


  1. Thank for your lovely comment, am glad to have found your blog and love your NOTDs :) I really like this khaki shade :) x

  2. Kiko polishes are my favorite! The selection is amazing and the prices are sooo good too. This is a great fall color :) Love it.

  3. What a pretty shade... It's gonna look beautiful for autumn too! X